Thursday, April 20, 2006

THE MANLY MAN Part I: We Need Manly Men

Many of us bemoan how the world is slowly slipping from our fingers and falling into the harpy claws of women. Everywhere we look women are starting to buy the horseshit that they are our equals; nay, our superiors even. Even worse, many men are buying into that excrement as well. These are indeed signs of the impending Apocalypse.

Lament such tragedy if you will, but let us not forget that the beginning of the end wasn't really the fault of the penile-deficient. It was ours.

Since Biblical times we've known that women are a treacherous, manipulative, and nasty bunch of cunts; but we handed them the keys to the kingdom all the same. We granted them suffrage, told them that they had a say in important matters, asked them their opinion, let them drive, and gave them the right to work side by side with us.

We got lazy. We got gay.

I'm not saying we shouldn't let women work. After all, it's fun to grab asses and elbow tits when you're on the train. And seriously now, how are they supposed to earn their keep as our property otherwise? Phenomenal leaps in housekeeping technology are quickly making women obsolete in that field. If we didn't let them work, the only practical use we will have for women is sex. That is, at least until someone discovers how to make better dolls.

Yet letting women serve us by working isn't on the same page as treating them as our peers. The Pharaohs didn't treat the Jews as peers. Knights didn't let peasants speak their minds. Cotton barons didn't solicit the opinion of colored workers.

The cultural damage is extensive because we have been wallowing in this sham for generations. The lie is already the norm. Right now, our children are in schools, swallowing more of that crap from teachers who have been educated in the same toilet bowl. Education is turning our daughters into feminist shrews and our sons into sissy-assed faggots.

I say the world needs positive role models if we are to break this cycle of evil. Men we can aspire to become. Men upon whom women can surrender their destinies, as Nature intended them to.

We need MANLY men!

Of course, many will claim that there is none more manly than Chuck Norris. I say amen, my brethren. Yet Chuck Norris is of a different level altogether. A level none of us can attain. Everyone who tried is already dead. Chuck Norris killed them. He bludgeoned them with his scowl.

No, Chuck Norris is too far above us mortals. The role models we need are men who can fail, but do not. Men who can give into the tears of women, but do not. Men who can suck, but do not.

So. The question is: are YOU a manly man?



  1. Whoa. Long live internet retards! Now, how DO we know if we're manly mn?

  2. Now you know! I just posted Part 2 of this 3-part series.