Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Gawd No

I had a meeting with my boss-- the same one I was talking about in the previous post-- in a bar called 77 down in Kamuning. Kinda artsy-fartsy, if you ask me. Of course, this is coming from a guy who was a regular patron of Sanctum Unmasct in Intramuros back when it was up and running so screw me, right?

Anyway, it was one in the morning, the boss was tired, and I was trying to perk him up by making small talk. I mentioned that I'm a blogger and it just so happens that he's the subject of my latest post. The moment I gave him the URL of Songs of the Salamander I had a short flashback of the things I've posted here.

Oh Gawd no.

You hear that? That's the sound of one Squid Villanueva going down on his knees to pray for succor to a God he'd called a cunt on the internet a handful of times. And THAT one is the sound of God telling Squid Villanueva to piss off because it's five in the morning.

Okay, let me think...


Get off my ass, go to my boss's house, enter said house like a stealthy ninja, and erase the URL from my boss's phone. No?


Get off my ass, go to some war-torn African country, turn into a freedom-fighter, maim and rape and murder little black children, and live happily ever after. Again, no.


Dear Boss:

Please don't fire me. I am not a bad person. I write these nasty things because I have been molested as a child. This is a plea for help.


Admit it, guys. For a bloke who talks out of his ass a lot I'm goddam smooth.


  1. Oh shit. I remember the time Mike almost didn't land a job because his boss is Jewish. His employment contract had a clause that'll forbid him from writing about Jews. And marijuana.

  2. I don't think I've written anything about Jews. At least nothing bad. Maybe they'll hire me as a security guard if I do get fired. Hohoho, I can feel that shotgun in my hands now. Wait, that didn't sound quite right...

  3. 77 = artsy-fartsy, homey + cheap beer

    also, i think some bands play there once in a while. it used to be the site of the now-defunct (and ill-fated) millennia bar.

  4. hey squid i am an asshole!!!!!

  5. Hi there. may I know where '77 is exactly? just wondrin. I live in Katipunan kasi. I've only ever been to magnet. Enjoyed their 5pm films but didn't go back there na. does '77 have good bands? thank you.

    -random person who came across your blog

  6. Maybe you should ask ralphot above. He seems to be a fan of the place.