Friday, October 12, 2007

Lynn Winchell

No, I'm not finished with the post I promised you for this week. I've still got until tomorrow to make good on that promise, though. To distract you, I'd like to direct your attention to this picture of a sweet, young thing. Well, she was a sweet young thing when this photo was taken. She's probably a withered old prune by now. Christ, let's not go there. That way lies madness. And granny porn.

Anyway, this is Lynn Winchell, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for December 1967. Also the first chick I saw naked. Really. My father used to keep this centerfold stapled to the inside of his closet door. I practically grew up ogling Miss Winchell's fine ass, my friends.

Miss Winchell disappeared from Dad's closet sometime in the late Eighties. I don't really know who took her down and what happened to her but I suspect the culprit was my mother and the method of execution was by burning in the backyard. I gotta hand it to Dad, though. If that centerfold had been in that closet since 1967-- eight years before I was born-- then Dad had prevailed over Mom's prudishness for almost two decades. Go Dad!

And because I'm not a totally bad sort, I'll share to you where I got it. It's a site that features the Playboy centerfolds all the way down to Marilyn Monroe in the magazine's first issue (December 1953). I have to say I adore those Sixties and Seventies centerfolds. The Playmates were meaty back then and Photoshop wasn't even a wet gleam in some computer geek's eye yet.

Now piss off.

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