Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mea Culpa

I swear to God I was trying to stay away from the Hyde juice. If you look at my last few posts you'll notice that this blog is getting more personal. I felt that the Internet Asshole persona was getting old and that the dick jokes were sounding sillier that they ought to be. Christ, but I even went so far as to take down that utterly tasteless picture of my excrement from the sidebar. But when you come across a motherfuckingly ditzy broad like that one you either bite your knuckles and have an aneurysm or you take out the old snarkinator and blast away.

Mea motherfucking culpa.


  1. is that it? is that how small the box can get? i want to know too!

    who would have thought an onscreen box could entertain folks like us!

    perhaps that girl is the stalker chick from the previous posts...?

  2. I'm sure the box can get smaller a few more times but the ditzy broad ran away crying after my "airhead" comment. Now we may never find out how small that box can really get. :(

    Regarding who she is, she left this link to her Friendster blog:

    No, she's not a hottie. An airhead, definitely, but not a hottie.