Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dusty Old Farts

I never had much of an opinion regarding Malu Fernandez when she started getting flak last year due to an article she wrote for People Asia Magazine that revealed her low regard of OFWs. I don’t actually read lifestyle articles since I think the culture vultures who write them are a lame bunch of dilettantes trying to supplant lack of talent with their ditzy enthusiasm in the more decadent arts and in things urbane. When, out of curiosity, I perused Fernandez’s damning article and some of the other crap she wrote, my reasons for not appreciating her and her ilk were merely reinforced. Long story short, she was booed all over the media, especially in the Internet. It would’ve been a different story if she turned out to be hot since I, like most dudes, would be willing to absolve a chick of first-degree murder provided that she was hot. Unfortunately for her, Malu Fernandez is about as hot as a week-old piece of penguin-turd in Antarctica.

Some days ago, Fernandez again, ah, hogged the spotlight because of an article in the Manila Standard dissing bloggers. Bloggers. The same blokes who carried the torch of righteous indignation for the OFWs. The fat cunt is out to recapture her fifteen minutes of fame by spitting on the dragon’s eye. Christ have mercy on her immortal soul. The barbaric landscape of the blogosphere surely won’t.

Most journalists (I use the term loosely when referring to Malu Fernandez, of course) look down their noses at bloggers because blogging steals the thunder from honest-to-goodness professional writing. Look, in the world of old-school wordslinging, respect comes from being published. When you find your poem, short story, or article on a newspaper or magazine, your cock magically grows five more inches. People read what you write and you influence their opinions. This power of mainstream journalists, however, is slowly being eroded by bloggers. Suddenly people are putting less weight on what old school journalists have to say. Writers who were once seen as journalism's rockstars are now looking more like the dusty old farts that they are. Suddenly the people can answer back. Once upon a time, if we think a journalist is bullshitting us we will write to the newspaper and pray that the editors will publish it. Nowadays we can simply blog about it. We are empowered to call journalists on their bullshit. We can even call them dusty old farts. Or, in the case of Fernandez: a fat cunt.

Granted there are lots of mind-numbingly crappy blogs out there—obviously more than the ones worth reading—but I think it's better than having a literary and journalistic elite create our opinions for us.

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  1. Dude, I'd love to see this in TMB.

  2. Really? Thanks. I'll ask the other guys if I can put this on cue.

  3. You really had to put Pahn's blog on this post ah! Hahaha! A perfectly good idea would be to write an imaginary conversation of Malu and Pahn! They'll be the match made in pigpen. I mean, heaven!

  4. You're nasty. My mother told me not to hang out with kids like you.

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  6. I love that image with the oink oink and everything. Either way, like I said, nagmamaganda lang yan. XD

  7. I forgot to add:

    She's calling herself a "victim" of bloggers, wtf? In the first place, if she's not so much of a bitch, she wont be in that situation. XD It's like, acting before thinking. Whatever.

  8. @ monitor de lcd:

    I hope you get cancer and die in great pain.

    @ Euri:

    My sentiments exactly.

  9. By the way, few days after this, Tim Yap wrote a column in Philstar discussing the same thing, which is that bloggers are gossip-mongering lots. I think he failed to notice the Entertainment column of the newspaper he worked for, or that National Enquirer preceded blogging by several years.

    I just don't understand TIm and Malu and the newspapers who have them. Why are these ignorant lots being paid to write? Do they have anything at all to teach to the society?