Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Holy Shit! More Doodles!

Won't win me any awards but they're not too bad, I think. Some of these drawings are from my sketchbooks when I was still in college, a time when I was more inclined to do stuff without expecting to get paid for it. Others are from my notebooks, which is why you'll notice handwriting peering through the paper from the pages beneath it. Scanner's dead and gone so I took pictures using my webcam instead, thus explaining the shitty quality. Click the pics to view the full images.

I go nao.

Holy Shit, I'm an Artist!


  1. Did any of these get used for Okatokat? And what's with the swords?

  2. No, man these are stuff from my notebooks and sketchbooks. I drew them on boring meetings and such.
    most of the blokes with swords are designs for demons.

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  4. wow. can you make me a tattoo?

  5. As long as it doesn't have ponies, I'll see what I can do. What did you have in mind?