Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An Apology

There are two ways to approach the matter of writing:

On one hand is the path of the dilettante. You read, you write, and that’s about it. Whatever comes out of your keyboard is good enough. You show it to other dilettantes and they politely tell you that you’re quite good and that you should be doing it professionally. You get enough comments like that and you actually start believing that you’re good. That you’re a writer, ye gods. You look at your peers’ work and you give polite comments about how good they are. I jerk you, you jerk me, and we all jerk each other happily. No hurt feelings. The Internet is a safe place full of rainbows and unicorns and Baby Jesuses. Years down this road you will start telling younger dilettantes that writing is a noble craft, and that the writer is a hierophant of cosmic powers, weaving words and ideas from the eternal song of the universe. Horseshit like that.

On the other hand is the path of the wordslinger. This is the way of the wolves. A dude starts out with a hungry belly, a full heart, and murder in his eyes. Along this road he will bloody his fists. He will stand close to the beast. He will touch it. He will be intimate with it. He will even fornicate with it. He will understand that words are his only weapons and as such must be honed… that he must excel in the art of wrestling the savage things to the ground and beating them to submission into the fucking page. Along this path illusions and false modesty will be shed. Good enough is not a virtue. Good enough is for those left behind. Down here respect is not the default setting. It is a thing to be earned through awesomeness. It is a fortress to be built stone by stone. It is a prize to be defended often.

Let me put this in a better context.

It was some time ago that I returned my passport to FilipinoWriter.Com due to the inanity currently flourishing there. Of course, I’ve been lurking from time to time in the hopes that things would get better. Predictably, the clique of drama queens currently lording over the playground have started beating their virtual chests in (self) righteous indignation because of my attack of Cocoy, A Virgin Boy. Their opinion seems to be that the Internet should be a place where only good things are said and negative comments should be kept to oneself. If that was true then dictators and despotic governments would have nothing to fear of this techno-cultural frontier where common blokes can call on anyone’s bullshit anytime. My attack on Cocoy, A Virgin Boy was a statement calling attention to the garbage that comes with the Internet Revolution. I’m not saying I’m abandoning my belief that the Internet is the most awesome invention of Man. I’m just saying that—Christ in a bucket!—lookit all the vermin coming out of the woodwork wanting a piece of the pie.

In the interest of harmony, though, I believe I must apologize for that post. Thus:

I’m sorry that you’re acting like a bunch of Internet noobs, thinking that you can publish your work in the public arena of the Internet and expect that all you’ll get are praises.

I’m sorry you didn’t know that if you’re afraid of people throwing tomatoes at your work you can actually make a private blog account where only people who won’t criticize your work are allowed to see it.

I’m sorry that there are people who think FilipinoWriter.Com is going down the drain because awesome writers like Ed Roa, Adewuyi Adeniyi, Danny Sillada, John Robert Luna and their like are being ignored while the poseurs are turning it into the MySpace of Filipino literary mediocrity.

Most of all, I’m truly and sincerely sorry that you people suck.


  1. AAAAAAAAaaaand once again, you have ignited some flames. Kudos, Mister Squid. I can't believe publicly expressing your opinion is now BANNED ON TEH INTARWUBZ!

  2. It got my lazy ass up to update this blog, though. That must count for something. Someone even wrote me a poem, how cool is that:

  3. Flame is endurable for a salamander. :-) Methinks that trashes should be in garbage bins.

    As with the poem, my little sister can write better than that.

  4. Then it seems I made a good choice for my blog's name... never mind that I just farted that out one day because the Esses and the way the syllables fell together pleased me. Imagine if I chose Ululations of the Undine or Tome of the Gnome or maybe Sonnet of the Sylph. Whenever people ask me why I chose Songs of the Salamander I always tell them it's an homage to Jim Morrisson, the Lizard King. Makes me sound pretty hip, huh?

    Also, stop criticizing the poem. You're just jealous no one made a poem dissing you.

    Thanks for visiting.

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  6. Disclaimer: NOT a fucktard, Not trying to sound clever either.

    Man, you have every right to be obdurate. The fw site has become a lair for fledglings & by Ann Rice standards, you could be Lestat, or his progenitor Marius.

    [Shit, I'm an fw user & not too happy with it now]. Anyway, keep the wrath alive, man.

  7. @H:

    Thanks for the offer but I'm not really into blogging for profit.


    Can I be Claudia instead?

  8. I'd hate to admit I miss your presence Mr. :(

  9. You must be talking about Filipinowriter.Com monsieur-or-madame Anonymous. A few people have been emailing me to go back to that community. Okay, since I've been noticing a general improvement in awesomeness whenever I lurk there... here's the deal. If I see at least ten more emails in my box or comments on this blog asking me to start posting there again, sure, I'll come back. Kinda like Abraham haggling with God not to pwn Sodom and Gomorrah eh?