Friday, December 05, 2008


I don't update this blog as often as I should for a couple of reasons. The first is Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa. The second is because I have too many side projects. By "side projects" I mean playing Evil Genius on my laptop and bitching about talent fees (sometimes both at the same time). I won't apologize, though. Spending an hour translating mind spunk into a blog post that will take you five minutes to read and two minutes to forget isn’t exactly my idea of a jolly good time. And it’s not like I’m getting paid for this. I don't even put ads on this blog. I'm practically giving you a free blowjob whenever I post something here, so quit complaining.

What got me posting again is some douchebag shmuck who’s dissing the show I’m head writing. The show's animators are basically getting accused of ripping off Digimon. What follows is yours truly answering the accusation:

Super Inggo seems to have been influenced by Digimon’s (first generation) Tai Kamiya. The goggles, the hair, their height and their anime appeal - are so… well… OBVIOUSLY the same.

Of course their height would be roughly the same, they’re both kids of roughly the same age. Pre-teens. Christ, you want, what-- a six-foot-tall kid just so your ridiculous nitpicking can be avoided? Also, if the animated Inggo copied his hair from Digimon's Tai, maybe Tai copied his wild hair from Elle Ragu of Shadow Skill? Under that same principle, Jesus, Tenjho Tenge’s Souichiro Nagi copied his hair from Dragonball's Super Saiyans! For shame! And anime appeal? If you mean the pre-teen-cartoon-character-doing-awesome-things appeal of Inggo to his young audience then, by Jove, every shonen manga after Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy were merely ripoffs. Not even your complaint against the goggles falls within the realm of sober analysis. The animated series is an adaptation of the live-action series. Live-action Inggo’s goggles had been on Makisig’s face way before the animation artists were asked to design the animated series’ main character.

They made Super Inggo’s design asymmetrical - unfortunately burdening him with many belt pouches that no average kid would wear (unless of course they were exclusive ABS-CBN Super Inggo belt pouches that every kid would want to buy at Jollibee) and also burdening the animators… who are probably hoping to able to flip the character horizontally without any inconsistencies.

Inggo was created via Flash Animation. Flipping is irrelevant, Sherlock.

And call me a old-fashioned, but where can you find children’s pants like that?

Again, blame the people who designed the live-action character not the animation designers.

Smart designers will also spot that they’ve change [sic] the rhythm of color temperature: Tai’s blue goggle strap & shirt vs Super Inggo’s red-orange goggle strap & shirt. Tai’s deep red-orange shorts and Super Inggo’s blue-gray … uh pants. Even the application of yellow is different between the two.

Not smart designers, man. Really anal designers.

Super Inggo’s goggles are just big enough to cover his huge eyes. That would make them the familiar goggles for swimming. Any bigger and they’d look like Tai’s “pilotish” goggles and would likely need a coiffure as big as Tai’s to match.

You really have a mad on for the goggles, don’t you? How many characters have used goggles throughout the decades? Even Steamboy uses goggles. Anyway, as I said, the goggles were the idea of the live-action people.

Super Inggo’s hair has high lights. I think those are highlights. Remember kids, don’t color your hair too often - it isn’t good for your hair.

Because the live-action character had highlights in his hair.

Hey everyone… can you spot how else the designers set Super Inggo apart from Digimon’s Tai?

Look, the fact is self-styled otakus like you will never be satisfied with anything fellow Filipinos make. It’s a bourgeois thing. Besides, the show wasn’t created for anime nuts but for the Filipino masses. Here’s a challenge, though: design a really original character and I bet my cojones I can provide fifty proofs that you ripped it off from some other anime character.

Also, comment moderation is the way of the pussy.


  1. Natumbok mo ang problema sa Filipino artists, Squid. Gusto ng recognition ng mundo pero pag may lumabas na naga-attempt na magpakita ng maganda sa mundo like cartoons puro panlalait ang nakukuha mula sa kapwa Pinoy. Talangka. Palibhasa inggit. Kung susuriin mo ng walang bahid ng inggit ang character design ni Super Inggo malayo naman talaga kay Tai. Inggit lang yang Joel na yan. Palibhasa unknown siya at gustong umeksena sa pamamagitan ng pagbato sa punong namumunga.

  2. The term "colonial mentality" has been used and abused so often it sounds silly nowadays pero it still exists in abundance at ito ang isang example non. Maybe defeatism is innate in the Filipino now. Someone comes up with something touted as "world-class" and fellow Filipinos immediately adopt a negative attitute towrads it. Para pag pangit nga masasabi nilang: o tignan mo, ka-cheap-an nga lang.

  3. Damn. Can't we be glad that people are actually coming up with stuff like this in the first place?

    Anyway Squid, nice to see you blogging again.