Monday, July 27, 2009

PSALM 8: Flesh

Unavailable. Tough titty.


  1. I'm a bit sad to notice that you've abandoned your usual mock-juvenile rants. Those have made me laugh my ass off quite a few times. These new posts are angrier. Not the Internet Asshole-type anger that you've used as a persona in the past. These new posts seem like genuine rage at something (or someone? God is the obvious answer but I somehow don't think you're the type of person who provides obvious answers).

    And I'm getting the hang of them, God help me.

  2. Also, it seems your readers are split into those who hate the new posts and those who welcome the fresh breeze of rage. My advice is to write what you feel you should write, of course.

  3. Abandoned? I dunno, probably not. Actually, these posts are from my Facebook notes. I thought it would be a waste not to post them on my blog.

    The thing is, I've stopped making anything resembling art when I chucked my sensibilities to write for television. It's been nine years since then and I wanted to see if the glands that produce the mind spunk are still working.

    Yes, they're kinda rusty. Sad.

    Genuine rage? Maybe. And maybe I don't want to talk about it in obvious terms. That's why I turn to quasi-cosmic shit.

  4. Same snake, same venom, different prey. It's all good.