Wednesday, November 04, 2009


"The problem with you," he said, "is that you write what you want for shows that you want. This isn't about art, man. It's about getting as many shows as you can and then cashing in. It's about employment."

"Okay," I replied. "I'll give you the straight dope. People like me are unemployable in the corporate sense of the word. Some of us say it's because we're free spirits or some such quasi-cosmic fluff. I dunno much about that. What I do know, however, is that we piss too high and we swing our egos around like warhammers because we think we have creative superpowers that can boil your brains inside your skull. We don't want employment. We want a piece of the goddam kingdom. It's not about what the audience wants from us. It's about what we want to give the audience."


  1. bitin. you're losing your grit, old man. stop making whiny excuses and finish this tub of vomit.

    i'll be waiting for the part where you go apeshit crazy, disemboweling the big Lopez with a dildo. write.

  2. Normally I would make a snarky reply but my dog ate it.

  3. hey, i'm linking your site to my need to link back...stay snarky..

  4. You've turned on the word-verification system?

  5. But sadly, the sun does not circle around Earth. I know you know this but yeah, we can't help but get disappointed at these kind of things.

    Keep yer spirits up mate.