Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Awesome Ascendant

There are certain means of spinning yarns that have almost disappeared from my armory of storytelling weapons throughout the years that I’ve been writing for network television. It’s not just that these muscles have degenerated of their own accord for lack of use because TV demands other ways for a writer to make his alchemy. Truth be told, it seems to me the mainstream and certain powers that drive it tried their best to cripple these sensibilities. It’s like telling stories the way my instincts tell me they should be told is a grave insult to these people.

Throughout the years I still tried to put in as much of the way I want to tell stories but it was always an uphill battle. So much so that writers who know me call me subversive. The times that I get away with a bit of this and a bit of that are the little victories that drive me to continue trying. That episode with the tentacled sea monster? Friends recognized that it was a nod to H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. The one with the pact with the diabolical midget? Dr. Faustus. Things like that. Not much, but that’s as much as I can smuggle into the script. We’re guerrillas in the jungle here. Shooting with Kalashnikovs older than your grandfather.

I must admit though that I had almost been convinced that I would be a better writer by ignoring these instincts. Almost. But not quite. Oh, not quite. The reason is John Constantine. Hellblazer.

Jamie Delano, handpicked by John Constantine creator and über comic book god Alan Moore to flesh out the character in his own title, constantly reminds me that the way I want to tell stories is not something to be ashamed of, however much Philippine TV tries to kill my approach. That morally questionable sorcerer is my literary anchor, for good or ill.

And so, like John Constantine, I get up, dust myself off, wipe the blood from the corner of my mouth, light my cigarette, and leap back into the maw of hell.

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  1. I'm sure not everyone will agree to this but I started enjoying your blog more when you started shedding the internet creep persona, Squid.