Tuesday, March 01, 2011

People Power

It was February 25, 1986. I was in Grade Four. It was my 11th birthday. I went to my school in Los Bastos feeling like a million bucks. "Hey, man, it's my birthday and everyone's gonna greet me today," I thought.

When my first class started, the teacher came in. She was quiet. "Man, she's gonna greet me a happy birthday," I thought.

She didn't greet me a happy birthday. She said: "Let's pray, children, for the people at EDSA."

I bowed my head and pretended I was praying. All the while, I was thinking, "Why are people in EDSA? What's EDSA? Are they preparing a surprise birthday party for me? Is Megatron appearing? Oh, God, this is the the BEST BIRTHDAY OF MY LIFE!"

Twenty-five years later, I still hate the People Power Revolution.

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