Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

You will be unprepared, claimed Sucker Punch. I wasn't unprepared. I left my brain at home and then went to be entertained. I actually enjoyed each of the unapologetically loud fight scenes. But everything in between those were just fucking awful.

The good things:

Genre clusterfuck. Music. A giant samurai warrior wielding a gatling gun. Etc.

The bad things:

Everything else.

This would have been a great fantasy movie had it been shooting straight. A lolita name Babydoll, armed with a katana and a pistol, travels across a ruined world on a mysterious quest, leaving a trail of destruction. Along the way she is joined by several warrior maidens, each of whom has her own reason for joining her. They fight steampunk krauts, orcs, dragons, giant samurais, robots, etc. So on and so forth. Never mind that the lead stars are not known to be the brightest flames in dramatic acting. Arnold Schwarzenegger had made a career and memorable movies out of bad acting and good action.

The problem is that somewhere along the way of creating this movie, someone wanted it to be clever. Let's turn it into Inception with a mecha. Let's make it... wait for it... PSYCHOLOGICAL!

Hilarity ensues

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