Thursday, June 23, 2011


When talking about ideas and imagination and brainstorming and creativity and the processes involved in these things, I always think of my brain as a female body and my mind as her vulva. When something I see or read or hear fires up my imagination, I picture my mind as a vagina getting moist and warm. When the idea takes hold and distracts me from everything else, that means the cerebral pupils are dilating, the skin of her face and her neck and her breasts are getting hot and flushed, her breath is getting ragged, her mouth is getting dry, her nipples are swelling and begging to be touched, her pussy is already dripping lovejuice down her thighs, her vaginal walls are pulsing involuntarily at random intervals, her abdominal muscles are clenching in answer to each vaginal pulse, and her clit is getting plump and peeking out of it's hood of modesty. Ideas, like the quenching of desire, may be brought about by touching one's self, sure, but it will be more fun when accomplished with someone else. And so, I think of the process of creating a story or a concept with another person as lipstick lesbian sex. When it's a group brainstorming, it becomes a lesbian orgy with each creative brain groping around and sucking everything within her mouth's reach and rubbing her clit against any body part it touches. Faces grimace, mouths gasp, throats grunt, hands clutch sheets, toes curl...

Hey, what are we talking about again?

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