Monday, June 27, 2011

The Word According to Squid Part 14

On Friendship

Some friends will keep you forever. Others will keep you only until your novelty wears off. Life goes on.

On Debt

Debt is a disease. But it's preferable to have a debt of money than a debt of gratitude. Money you can pay back. Gratitude is more complex. There are those who spend a lifetime paying back their debt of gratitude. And there are even those who unjustly task their children to keep paying back this debt.

On Rejection

Rejection, sadly, is everywhere in this world. The trick is to look cool while receiving it.

On War

If, as a reservist, I get activated and have to wage guerilla warfare against our new Chinese overlords, do I have to cut my hair? Also, I can't remember my serial number. Also, I can't shoot for shit.

On TV Creatives

The ancient art of "pulling things out of your ass" is the greatest weapon of the television creative.

On Geekery

Dear fellow geeks: If some apocalyptic event happens and the Innurnet shuts down, being a geek will become uncool again. So, fortheloveofallthingsgoodandholy, protect the Innurnet with your lives.

On Same-Sex Marriage

O e ano naman kung magkaroon ng same-sex marriage sa Pilipinas? Feeling mo dadami ang mga beki? Ano sila, manganganak?

On Signs

We interpret signs based on our emotions and on what we want to find in them. If you search for signs, you'll see them everywhere. Rain suddenly falling becomes a sign. A car passing by becomes a sign. Water stains on a ceiling becomes a sign. The human brain is designed to find patterns, even where there is none. So don't start looking for signs. Use cold, unemotional logic if you want to decide on something or solve a problem, even those of the heart.

On Overcompensation

We're all overcompensating for something. It's bad only when it becomes uncool.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Vox populi, vox Dei. Unless, you know, we don't agree with what you people are saying.

On Rapture

When Rapture begins, all of us ungodly bastards will be left behind to fend for ourselves during the Great Tribulation. So here's the plan. I'm going to gather an army of survivors. As the post-apocalyptic chieftain of this tribe, I will lead my people with an iron fist. We will be looting and pillaging and raping. We will build a nation of the strong and we will lay waste our enemies. Bring C2 Green Tea.

On Being Nineteen

When you're nineteen and growing your hair long you think napalm runs through your veins.

Hey, Goodbuddy

Hey, goodbuddy. I know believing comforting lies is easier than pursuing the painful truth. I say this with love: Stop being a coward.

On Success

The most successful of us have learned that wealth doesn't come because of luck or destiny or because the universe owes us a break. It comes because we work hard for it, and we suffer for it, and we eat shit for it. There are no shortcuts. Those of us who do not have the stomach for eating shit will never be wealthy.

On the Lechon

I've never been much of a fan of lechon. Damn thing looks too much like a corpse.


Hey there. Normally, I don't make things like this my business. But since it's on my Newsfeed, I'll share something I find wise. Don't let him see you bleed.

On Hipsters

Hipster feeding frenzy at Starbucks. Wait, I'm here too so does that mean I'm also a.. NUUUUUUUUUU!!!

On Impossible Things

Dear buddy: Nothing is impossible with enough faith, insanity, hatred, or love.


Grabe, nabudol-budol ako! Aba, pinabibili lang ako ng Coke sa tindahan pero pag-uwi ko e may dala na akong isang kahang yosi! Grabe!

On Escapism

I watch and read brainy stuff because I like thinking. I watch and read stupid stuff because I like being entertained. And so, when I heard a few people decrying the Royal Wedding as pointless, as having nothing to do with Filipinos, I paused and considered my position in the matter. Sure, it's escapism. But it also captures the imagination of those who like things such as this. It entertains them. I've no beef with that. What I do find insulting, however, is the whole idea of monarchy, of royalty, of people claiming that their bloodline contains special genes that make them and their spoor better suited to ruling the rest of humanity. Honor, respect, and position should be earned through an individual's actions and abilities and not through his birth. On the other hand, the British Royal Family currently wields no real political power, so who am I to begrudge a nation of its cast of mascots?

On Superstition

You wouldn't believe how many cases of possession I've seen when I was chasing after spooks and shadows with a TV crew. For each and every one of them, all I could think of was that I could do a much better job at looking like I was being tormented by demons. For one thing, I can screech random Aramaic phrases: Raca, Adamah!

On Gender Roles

I paint my nails too and far as I know I don't like cock. Get your heads out of your medieval assholes. The people who think children will turn homosexual if they're not conditioned to act according to traditional gender roles are the same people who think homosexuality is a disease and that it can be cured.

On Happiness

Would you prefer to be happy and ignorant or sad but wise? I think I prefer wisdom.

On the Lowly Cabbage

I try to be like the cabbage: mostly head but still has a heart.

On Lucid Dreaming

Mirrors have always been things of mystery even long after we've known exactly why they reflect the world. Maybe that's why many will tell you that one of the surest ways to know that you are lucid dreaming is to look at yourself in a mirror. You'll see something weird (and sometimes, frightening) each time.

Last night, realizing that I was dreaming, I rubbed my palms together to make sure I stayed in the dream, got up, and went to look at myself in the mirror. The mirror was segmented into about a dozen sections, each section showing a part of my face. That's it, nothing too strange.

Also, I've heard that in lucid dreams, flicking the light switch on won't work. I tried it repeatedly last night. It worked, but only once out of about every ten tries. Sometimes it turned on the light in the room. Sometimes it turned on the light in the other room.

Er... why are you looking at me like that?

First Time

Drinking while the sun is still up. There is a first time for everything


When you enter any creative field, you must make a choice. Do you make artsy shit that no one will really understand or do you connect with the hoi polloi and make money? If your dream is to leave something behind that will last long after you're dead, you might be tempted to think that artsyfartsy is the way to go. Think again. No one talks about Mothlight except in film schools. Everyone knows Darth Vader.

On Dreams

Being wise and shit, I gave the following advice to a buddy last night: It begins with a dream, my friend. Just a dream. Don't think about how realistic it is. Don't think about the problems you'll encounter in pursuit of it. Before you can follow your dream, you have to have one. Something you can verbalize. Like being a dinosaur. In South America.


1010010100101010111010101010101001001011 someone needs to get off the internet and out into the world...


Behold fire, the spirit of chaos.

On The RH Bill

If you listen carefully, you'll notice that the Catholic Church's strategy in fighting the RH Bill is basically making the populace think that when the bill is passed, the government is going to start killing babies. It's Pro-Life this and Pro-Life that, implying that anyone who supports the RH Bill is anti-life and would rip out a fetus from its mother's womb for kicks. Veritas indeed.


  1. Luane likes this. Particularly the part on dreaming of becoming a dinosaur. In South America.