Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Freedom of Doubt

There is an amazing kind of freedom with doubt and disbelief. When you start being skeptical about the supernatural, when you stop looking for signs and trying to figure out the will of any god, the world will make much more sense. With the eyes and the heart of a skeptic, I look at the world (and humanity) as something imperfect but beautiful in its imperfection, something that needs me to be a good person not for the sake of pleasing the divine but for the sake of leaving this world a little better than when I was born into it. Like any child at the the threshold of adulthood, we must leave our parents, symbolically kill them by rejecting their help, and make something of ourselves through our own efforts. Same with our belief in gods. We must kill our gods and become our own gods. Only then can humanity, as individuals and as a race, evolve.

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