Monday, October 24, 2011


The bizarre and sometimes seemingly-unhinged Senator Miriam Santiago, when asked what she would ask for had she a genie, said she would wish for her fellow lawmakers to stop conducting legislative investigations. As we know, these investigations, which are held under the pretense that they are "in aid of legislation," are actually kitschy variety shows where the illustrious members of the Philippine Senate chew the scenery with their atrocious acting. These sessions are Shakespearean tragedies and we, the Filipino people, are the piteous protagonists since our laws are made by pretentious windbags whose sole purpose for existence is to promote themselves because, as a buddy likes to say: everyday is campaign day. Santiago hit it in the testicles when she said these hearings are "fiestas of legal ignorance."

I suspect, though, that Santiago wants to keep the Philippine Senate from pretend-playing court to preserve the almost-mystical air of the judicial system. Untalented lawyers, after all, memorize volumes of Latin phrases in lieu of actual intelligence because they need to sound like hierophants. It's akin to the old time priests who say mass in Latin and symbolically change bread into the flesh of Christ away from the eyes of the vulgar peasants since the great unwashed only need to watch the rituals, not understand them. The vocation of law is about advocacy and not the search for justice. Legal arguments are about befuddling the opponent with Latin and not the uncovering of truth.

So, should our esteemed solons cease the zarzuela? No. Because we need to see exactly what kind of assholes we elect in office.

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