Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Godlessness and Morality

It always saddens me when someone implies that godlessness is the cause of immorality, of selfishness, and of unethical practices. People are not moral because of their faith. They strive to make their faith moral because human beings are naturally inclined to be good. Empathy is innate in humans because we are social animals and psychologically hard-wired to work together for the survival of the individual and the species. We put a premium on love because it's a survival instinct. We try not to be shitheads because we don't want to hurt people we love. We make laws because we naturally seek order and we obey laws because there are consequences in breaking them. Sociopathic behavior is an aberration, not the result of the lack of faith. It's all chemicals and hormones and natural selection and evolution and it's already amazing even without throwing superstition into it. Even godless animals exhibit love and altruism and empathy. It is religion that breeds bigotry. The antidote is skepticism.

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  1. Well at the very least the Buddhists and the Jains got it right. Where did the Abrahamic religions get all that angst, anyway? Sheepfucking?