Monday, December 26, 2011

Pedro Calungsod

Pedro Calungsod was a Filipino teenager who was killed in Guam in the 17th century while protecting a Jesuit priest from natives. A woman claims that when she was in a coma in 2003, her doctor prayed to Calungsod. The woman came out of her coma. Pope Benedict XVI is set to declare Calungsod a saint.

I suspect this is part of the Vatican's damage-control scheme. Fueled by the exchange of ideas on the Internet, Filipinos, especially the young and the wired, are growing more secular everyday. Never before has the Roman Catholic Church been more powerless to suppress the tide of change being brought about by the digital age. The flow of information and ideas is too great and the rivers and streams branching from it are too many for any organization to control. Thus the Church is employing the bread-and-circuses tactic: give these island niggers a new saint. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't work that way anymore. The Internet is the death sentence of organized religion.

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