Monday, January 30, 2012

The Loneliness of the Process

You must understand that there is nothing mystical about the writing process. It's not magic. A good writer is just a person with a knack for drawing elements from personal experiences, movies watched, books read, video games played, etc. and then having enough patience to sit down and use them to create a story that he hopes will resonate with his audience and will help them make a little more sense of their lives. That's hardly alchemy. But that's not saying it's an easy task. Or that it isn't a big deal. Imagination and creativity is a big deal. The ability to drill deep into human consciousness and sentience is a big deal. The talent for stringing words and situations together so that they have an emotional effect on the audience is a big deal. These things require the power to find what I can only describe as inner silence. And the willingness to bear the loneliness of the process.

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