Thursday, May 17, 2012

Relax, Faggots

There are those who say Manny Pacquiao isn't really homophobic because he didn't really quote the infamous verse in Leviticus calling for the death of homosexuals. Manny even says he hasn't read the Book of Leviticus yet. So it's okay, folks, the National Hero of the Philippines says he loves gay people. He just doesn't believe they should have the same civil right to marry as straight people. Because according to the Bible (some parts of which he hasn't read yet) God doesn't like it when a man does the beast with two backs with another man. Marriage, Manny says, is only for heterosexuals who are in love. For homosexuals who are in love: tough titty. Nope, that''s not homophobia. That's just the way it is. Amen.

Those still denouncing Manny for his non-homophobia are being ridiculed as faggots. Because only dirty niggers can hate slavery.

I try, I really do. I try to put myself in the shoes of those who believe in the supernatural. Those who need to believe in the supernatural. I try to understand why they would be against same-sex marriage.  But I still don't get it. If a country creates a law allowing same-sex marriage, your church isn't going to be forced to perform them. These are not going to be unholy ceremonies made in front of some god of gayness. Not unless that's the theme of the wedding. These will merely be legal contracts.

Is it because homosexual partnership is said to be unnatural? Cheezwhiz is unnatural. Antibiotics are unnatural. LCD screens are unnatural. If you want to go back to the au-naturel state of humanity, then start hunting wild boar.

Is it because tolerating homosexuality may influence your kids to turn gay? Dude, if your kids are gay, they're gay and you should accept them and love them and make sure they turn out to be decent human beings.

Is it because a gay couple can't make babies with which they would subdue the earth and so their acts of love are wasted? A lot of heterosexual couples don't have kids. Should they be stoned in the village square too? Are human beings so fucking rare on the face of the planet that we all have a duty to make more so that our species doesn't die out? Haven't you heard of the word ADOPTION?

Some smartass somewhere is saying that if the government allows a man to marry another man, then they should allow a man to marry the goat he's in love with, or an 11-year-old loli. Listen, smartass, two adult gay people in love getting into a marriage contract is very different from a man sodomizing some poor goat who can't even sign its name or an 11-year-old who, by law, isn't considered capable to make adult decisions.

The fact is, if you're heterosexual and your country allows for same-sex marriages, it's not going to affect you. So why are you so concerned about what goes on in another dude's bedroom?

Maybe it's this primitive urge to make everyone act in the same uniform way so that the god of the mountain doesn't start shaking the earth. Because the god of the mountain is an asshole who would wipe out the entire community instead of just the person who offends him. If that's the case, maybe same-sex marriage isn't the problem. Maybe living on a volcano is the problem. Maybe worshipping the volcano is the problem.

No, Manny Pacquiao isn't homophobic. Relax,  faggots.

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