Saturday, June 23, 2012

50 Years

It's not that most people will be atheists 50 years into the future. Even with all the advances in science and technology, many people will still need to believe in some benevolent supernatural force because life is scary and non-existence is scary. The human race invented gods because there is a need for them. What will most likely happen is the rapid decline of religion. People who cling to religions and ancient scriptures and absolute truths will become marginalized as the children of today grow up in an increasingly secular and rational world. Most people will believe in a non-personal god (the cosmos) and will live their day-to-day lives as if there are no gods. The emphasis will be on being a moral person not because of antiquated values but based on the present needs of society.


  1. Did you know, There's a difference between Atheists and Satanists?

    Yup, it's true.

  2. Oh, God, no! I became atheist because I thought I would be worshiping Lucifer! My world is crumbling!