Friday, October 19, 2012

Keep Drinking the Kool-Aid

The only people I know who actually give a shit about Pedro Calungsod's sainthood are those who decry the Archdiocese of Cebu's scandalous 60 million peso budget for the celebrations. Let's read beyond Catholic propaganda and look at what happened: In 1672, the priest Diego San Vitores and his sidekick Pedro Calungsod were killed in Tumon, Guam by the village chief, Mata'pang, after the priest had baptised the chief's daughter without permission. In short, the priest was being a dick. While I don't agree that anyone should be killed for being a dick, Vitores and Calungsod did bring it upon themselves. The thing is, Calungsod's sainthood is a political act. The Church of Rome is losing power at a staggering rate and the Philippines is one of the last bastions of Catholicism in this increasingly secular world. The men in robes need to keep Filipino Catholics drinking the Kool-Aid. Give 'em another Filipino saint, then.

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