Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Count Them by the Millions

Said to a fellow writer over cigarettes earlier:

I suppose what we write for network television is the vulgar cousin of literature. Then again, telenovela writers contribute more to the modern myths than literary writers. Pop culture, after all, is shaped by the collective consciousness. What we pull from our assholes may not have the celestial glow of art but they are consumed by the masses. One can write fiction and get published in a magazine and even win a Palanca Award for his labors but all that’s just pissing rights. It’s nice, in a way, but pissing rights all the same. Each of our television scripts, on the other hand, is consumed not by hundreds, not by thousands, not even by hundreds of thousands. We count them by the millions. If Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be writing for TV.

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