Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Vice Ganda

Something I posted in a discussion about movies:

"Learn from Hollywood" is not as easy as it sounds. More money is spent making Hollywood movies because they're shown all over the world. The audience is global so ticket sales are global. Filipino movies are generally only shown in the country. The audience is local so ticket sales are local. If a Filipino producer actually makes a 100-million-dollar movie with breakthrough special effects and all that, you'll have a really sad producer who is almost 100 million dollars in debt. So, no, there will be no Filipino Lord of the Rings, no Filipino Schindler's List, and no Filipino Avengers. Not unless a Filipino makes it as an A-list Hollywood filmmaker. The movies Filipinos can REALISTICALLY make are smaller ones. Still, a few million pesos don't really magically grow on trees so any businessman willing to shell out that amount of money would expect the movie to profit. So they'll spend most of that money on artistas that have good track records of drawing in the crowd. Like Vice Ganda. I won't watch him. You won't watch him. But a great godawful lot of Filipinos would watch him. So a movie is made around Vice Ganda.

There are no evil studio and network executives gleefully plotting to make movies and TV shows that would piss us off.

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