Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

I get the feeling that people are polarized over Man of Steel.

On one end are those who hated the CGI on steroids, the absence of the iconic theme music from the Christopher Reeves movies, and the morose tone of the story. This group generally appreciated the exploration of a god-like alien's humanity but wasn't so impressed with the spectacle of superpowered fisticuffs. I believe those in this group are old enough to remember Christopher Reeves' Superman movies with fondness and have a mature enough taste in entertainment to not be easily mesmerized by explosions and lens flare.

On the other end are those who loved the CGI and the the re-imagining of the Big Blue Boy Scout into a moody character that aptly captures the cynicism of our times and the struggle for identity of the Millenial generation. This group generally appreciated the CGI spectacle but thought the family drama part of the movie was too mopey. I believe those in this group are teenagers and twenty-somethings who grew up on video game cutscenes, who laugh like loons upon watching the harness-assisted flying scenes of superheroes past, who think that the dark and edgy superhero is a recent invention, and who wish that those from the former group would recognize that Christopher Reeves' Superman was thirty-five years ago and just move the heck on.

This is what you get when hundreds of millions of dollars are poured into summer movies. They have to get both types of superhero fans into the theaters. And this was the best way they could have done it.

Personally, I found the movie adequate. But I would have preferred something else entirely.

Superman: Red Son.

But I am part of a fringe market, I suppose.

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